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Many of our customers feel they would benefit from advice from a 3rd party. Free and independent advice is available from the following organisations:

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Use our CAB locator below to find a branch closest to your location.

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Credit Reference Agencies store information about most adults in the UK. They provide lenders financial information about potential borrowers, which lenders use to make their decisions. The information shared will most probably include information about your previous credit history.

This information is called your credit reference file or credit report. This contains information such as who your creditors are, your payment history, the amount of available credit you have, credit default information, CCJs and bankruptcies.

The Information Commissioners Office advises the public on the use of public information including credit and what to do if you believe this to be incorrect.

There are three main consumer credit reference agencies in the UK. Each of these agencies, listed below, allows you to check your credit report for a small fee and in some cases free of charge.

Please note, although Fredrickson International Ltd have taken care to provide you with links to reputable and independent sources, we are not responsible for their content or any subsequent advice that you may receive.